Individual Testimonials

Ms. Fung Pik Yee

Headmistress of Aplichau Kaifong Primary School

“Aplichau Kaifong Primary School recently started receiving assistance from Foodlink Foundation. They provide 85 pieces of bread to us every day. Not only can this bread program help fill the stomachs of our students but also inspire the school to carry out a “Good Healthy Eating Habits” program. In this program, students record the healthy nutritious food consumed daily and minimize the consumption of unhealthy food. So far, we are two weeks into the program, and the results are extremely good. Our students eat this bread every day. They all agree that the bread is extremely tasty and can at the same time improve their health.

 Apart from giving us bread, Foodlink also gave us mooncakes and eggrolls. Our students say that not only was the food delicious, but they could also share some with their families. We are very grateful to Foodlink for their help.”