Individual Testimonials

Mamre Lilian Yeh

General Secretary of Operation Dawn

“Every Friday our students are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Foodlink's delivery truck because it will bring them not only delicious food but the food is also ready to serve so they don't have to worry about cooking that night. Those who take turn to cook, when it comes to Friday, they will have a time off plus getting the credit for serving better food. 

For all the drug addicts, once they get off from the drugs, their body starts to crave food. Food becomes utmost importance to the recovering drug addicts. Many of them, regardless of their gender, they gain 40 to 80 pounds after they are freed from dopes. As I recalled, one time we had a female student after she quit drugs, each meal she was consuming 6 bowls of rice plus various meats and vegetables. The bowl she used was not a regular small rice bowl, it was a big soup bowl. The Girl Centre had to use one more rice cooker just to cook enough rice for her each meal. 

Our budget is tight and we do not offer fresh fruits too often. Foodlink always brings many different kinds of fresh fruits and we use this opportunity to persuade them to slim down by taking more fresh fruits instead of consuming junk foods. 

We constantly remind them to be conscious of their weight as many of the overweighed recovered drug addicts use drugs as their last resort to lose weight once they returned to the society. This puts them right back to square one.

At the same time, we explained to our students how Foodlink collected all these surplus foods from restaurants and / or institutions and then deliver them to us and many other fine NGO’s to feed the needy and the hungry. Not so fortunate in Africa, there are still many children left to die because they do not have enough food to eat. It is our sincere hope that someday that the super riches of the world may sponsor the shipping costs to transport the surplus foods Foodlink collected from different parts of the world to Africa and others where foods are perniciously lacked. By doing so all suffering, starving and anguished children’s faces will disappear from the surface of this planet.

Foodlink, not only helps cut some of our food budget, but also gives us a good opportunity to teach our students to appreciate every morsel of food, be it tasty or not. Before we know it, the world population will be 8 billion in 2030, we as the constituents of the world community really cannot afford to squander food.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Foodlink's food and services!!!”