Individual Testimonials

Andrew Chen

Student of West Island School

I am very thankful for Foodlink's help in establishing the 'bread run' initiative in West Island School. When I first approached Joyce about collaborating with our school 'Street Sleepers' group I was overwhelmed by the vast number of opportunities that we could bring to our activity. Since that meeting, our activity has improved immensely. Through the help of Joyce, Joel and the Foodlink team, we have been able to not only increase the number of homeless people we can serve but also raise awareness of their plight in our school and increase volunteer attendance. I hold this experience with high regard is because it taught me the power of personal initiative. I have learned not to be complacent and to always seek ways to improve. This same initiative I now apply to any goals, academic or personal, that I seek to fulfill. I hope that our collaboration with Foodlink will continue to grow in the years to come!