Amenities Program

Do you ever wonder what happens to the hotel amenities when you check out of a hotel? It normally goes straight to landfill. Until now. 

At Foodlink, we are always identifying areas of waste, and since we already work so closely with so many hotel partners, we figured we'd take it a step further and ask our hotel partners to generously donate the unused amenities (e.g. shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, toilet paper etc.) to Foodlink.

The amenities will then be repackaged into upcycled water bottles by either the hotel staff or Foodlink volunteers and are either sold to support Foodlink's operations or delivered to our beneficiaries to be redistributed to the needy.

To find out more about our R.A.W (Reclaimed and Worthy) Amentities or to purchase a set of your own, please contact us!