Our Ambassadors



Mr. Jason Black

Mr. Jason Black has been a chef in Hong Kong for a number of years. Always up for a bit of culinary fun, he has created several events during his time in Hong Kong, often with the help of other chefs and restaurateurs in Hong Kong, and always for the benefit of charity. He is outspoken in his beliefs on food waste and the alleviation of hunger in Hong Kong, often voicing his opinions on RTHK's Morning Brew show with Phil Whelan, and via his more-than-outrageous Twitter musings.



Mr. Arnold Wong

Arnold Wong is the founder of Arnz Fitness Movement (AFM), a Hong Kong-based platform which is dedicated to educating and promoting fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles to Asia, with a specific focus on Hong Kong.

Over the years, he has organized and led numerous fitness and nutrition training events for various charity, corporate and community groups, with a focus on working with the youth in this city.

Arnold has always understood the importance of nourishing the body with food in order to complete basic daily tasks, and especially feels that alleviating food wastage to feed and care for people living in poverty is one way for anyone to have an immediate impact. Arnold is passionate in giving back to the community and has chosen Foodlink as his platform to help reach out to the underprivileged population of Hong Kong, and one day globally. Arnold is focused on continually contributing to Foodlink by helping to plan and participate in numerous Foodlink events and fundraisers, with a theme of fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

Arnold is an International Certified Personal Trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine and in his previous career, he has over 7 years of professional experience in the Equity Research and Investment Banking (Mergers & Acquisitions) industry in Canada and Hong Kong with various global financial institutions. 



Mr. Cecil “MIKE “ Lo

Mr. Cecil “MIKE “ Lo  is a native Chinese who was born in Hong Kong but raised in Portland Oregon USA. He is an experienced chef who have been trained along with many talented chefs (e.g. chefs from Carnevino,  Laris, Portland City Grill, Hyatt ).  Mike received training not only in western cuisine (Italian and French), but also Chinese and Japanese cuisines.  After over 15 years of working in the kitchen, he was introduced to be a member of The Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier (ICDE) where he started to teach.  



Michelle Lau of Nutrilicious

Michelle is a certified nutritionist (MSc.) who specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, and pre/post natal nutrition. She is also a Hong Kong based nutrition educator and health writer whose work has been published in Hong Kong newspapers, magazines, and online media. She also provides nutrition consultancy service for schools, gyms, sports clubs, food retailers and PR companies.

"My mission is to improve the health and well-being of people through nutrition and sports and ultimately lead them to a healthier and happier life. Join me in a blissful journey to enjoying every bite along the way to a healthier and happier life! EAT - Embrace life, Amaze yourself, Try everything!"

For more health and nutrition tips, she can be contacted via nutriliciousss@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram & Facebook @nutriliciousss (instagram@ nutriliciousss/facebook@nutriliciousss)