Corporate Volunteers

Bread Run

Foodlink collaborates closely with many of the larger bakery and convenience store chains in Hong Kong to run our Bread Program, and we organize bread runs in the evening to collect the unsold leftover bread after closing from bakery shops all around Hong Kong. In teams of 1 or 2 individuals, volunteers visit designated bakery stores and pick up the surplus bread. The collected bread is deliverered to one of our beneficiaries and redistributed to the needy the following day.     


Rice Packing

Foodlink has a donor that graciously donate 10 large sacks of rice to us every month. At approximately 25 kg per sack, these sacks of rice are very large and heavy, thus making it difficult to distribute amongst the needy. The rice packing activity mainly entails of volunteers helping to repack the large sacks of rice into smaller bags of 1.5 kg each. Once the rice has been repacked, the smaller bags of rice will be given to the elderly living in the Tin Shui Wai area.     


Please contact us if your company is interested in participating in one of the following corporate volunteerting activities.